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Meet Nick

Meet Nick Adams, the mastermind behind Drip Drop Cocktail Lounge. Growing up in the bar & restaurant business, Nick learned the bar trade from a young age. With a father who owned multiple establishments, including the renowned Cricket Club in Battle Creek and the historic Stagecoach Inn in Marshall, Nick began bar backing at the tender age of 16. After graduating from Grand Valley State University, where he studied finance, Nick tried his hand at being a “suit”. It didn’t take long for him to realize that finance wasn’t his calling, and he transitioned to bartending for Founders here in Grand Rapids. All the while, he was constantly perfecting his craft and creating unique, handcrafted cocktails for friends and family. And now, he brings his expertise and passion to his own establishment, where he invites you to come and savor the fruits of his labor.

Nick Adams
Photo by Lisa Enos @Grand Rapids Magazine

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